TR Multi Fuel Stove

TR Dry models – TR3, TR5, TR Midi, TR8 & TR 14

TR Boiler Models – TR8, TR14 & TR25


5kW Midi 6.5kW 8kW 14kW Dry  14kW Boiler 25kW
Dry Dry Dry Dry Boiler Boiler
Weight (kg) 85 118 143 200 200 226
Output to room 5kW 6.5kW 8kW 14kW 4.9kW 8.75kW
17,060BTU 22,178BTU 27,296BTU 47,768BTU 16,719BTU 29,855BTU
Output to Water NA NA NA NA 9.1kW 16.25kW
31,049BTU 55.445BTU
Number of Radiators NA NA NA NA 6//8 16/17
Fuel Type Multi Fuel Multi Fuel Multi Fuel Multi Fuel Multi Fuel Multi Fuel
Flue Diameter 5” 5” 6” 6” 6” 6”


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TR Freestanding 

Our TR range of multi-fuel stoves are ideal for burning wood, coal or peat. Our TR stoves are the result of concentrated research which has resulted in our cleanest burning, most efficient stoves yet.


  • Saves you money – uses only 25% of the amount of fuel used in an open fire
  • CE approved to deliver efficiency up to 78.8%
  • Re-fuel less often
  • Less ash = less cleaning
  • Exceptionally clean airwash system
  • Cleanburn technology with Tertiary Air
  • The TR air distribution system ensures that fuel is burnt evenly and efficiently
  • Fully constructed in high grade cast iron and heavy duty steel for long life
  • Top or rear flue outlet
  • Adjustable leg height


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