The Causeway 15kW Insert Boiler Stove

Made in Ireland

Our boiler range is 100% Irish made with the finest of quality materials. With cast iron doors, these boilers are built to last. They offer a cost efficient alternative to the more traditional central heating system, whilst also providing an eye catching centerpiece in your home.

The Causeway 15kW Insert low res


15kW 16kW 25kW
  Insert Boiler Stove Boiler Stove Boiler Stove
Output to Room 3.3kW/11,259BTU 4.9kW/16,719BTU 7.3kW/24,907BTU
Output to Water 11.8kW/40,261BTU 11.1kW/37,873BTU 18.1kW/61,757BTU
Number of Radiators 9 8 15
Fuel Type Wood or solid fuel Wood or solid fuel Wood or solid fuel
Flue Diameter 6” 6” 6”
Efficiency 74% 75% 73,5%



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