Hotspot Fortafix Fire Cement

A pliable adhesive black fire cement of putty-like consistency. Is water based and non-toxic, and withstands heat up to 1400°C (2550°F) This product is specially formulated and recommended by leading industrial and domestic heating appliance manufacturers throughout the world. Ideal for patching and repairing firebacks and brickwork as well as for gas tight assembly, installation and maintenance of boilers, fires, flues, stoves, heating installations, ranges etc.

hotspot firecement

Directions for use
  • Ensure surface is clean and free from contamination.
  • Use Fortafix straight from the tub, apply with a trowel, knife, etc and work well into the area.
  • Hardens by air drying and operational heat which improves and strengthens seals and joints. Gently apply initial heat to the fire cement over a 3-4 hour period, and then gradually increase to full operating temperature.
  • Fill and smooth any fine cracks if necessary.
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