Flexible Flue Pipe

Our flexible flue is used to re-line existing masonry chimneys where there is no existing lining or the lining is damaged. heat Design flexible flue is suitable for multi-fuel applications as it is double walled with both inner and outer walls made from 316 stainless steel. When a chimney is re-lined with flexi flue it is essential that it is backfilled with vermiculite to insulate between the masonry and flue liner.


Flexible Flue Liner

Our flexi flue liner is double walled liner suitable for re-lining chimneys. It is suitable for multi-fuel where temperatures do not exceed 600 degrees centigrade. It is available in 5″ and 6″ diameters in any length up to 40 metres.

Flexi Flue



Flexi Top Cap

The Flexi Top Cap is fitted to the chimney and is used to ensure rain and snow cannot enter the chimney, whilst ensuring the exit of flue gasses are not impeded. Our flexi top caps are fitted with anti-bird mesh.




Flexi Flue Sleeve

The Flexi Flue Sleeve is inserted into the top end of the flexible liner at the top of the chimney. It is used to add strength to the liner so that it can be securely clamped, with the clay chimney pot supporting the weight of the flexible flue liner.




Flexi Flue Clamp

The Flexi Flue Clamp is secured tightly to the top of the flexible flue. It sits on top of the flexi top plate, on top of the chimney pot and supports the weight of the flexi flue liner assembly.




Flexi Top Plate

The Flexi Top Plate sits on top of the clay chimney pot and supports the flexi flue clamp.




Flexi Flue Stop

The Flexi Flue Stop fits securely into the clay chimney liner at the bottom. The flexi flue runs through this and the other end of the flexi flue stop is secured tightly. This stops the vermiculite backfill from falling down into the fireplace.

Flexi flue stop



Insert Flexi Adaptor

The Insert Flexi Adaptor is used to join the flexi flue to a Heat Design Insert Stove.

Insert flexi adaptor



Flexi to Single Adaptor

The Flexi to Single Adaptor is used to join flexi flue to single wall flue or to an appliance. It is available to suit both 5″ and 6″ pipe.

Flexi Flue Single to Flexi Adaptor


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